US Stock Service

US Stocks Service

We have been delivering our stockmarket research for over 20 years using a tried & tested mix of point & figure charting and market breadth analysis: many of our indicators are now standard tools across the investment industry.

The Daily Hotline
The Hotline is delivered each morning (before the open) and provides market timing, sector rotation and stock ideas.

Every trading day, we provide an update on the current status of the main US indices. One of the benefits of point & figure charts is that signals are clear cut: they are either bullish or bearish. We indicate current trends and identify areas of support and resistance i.e. where the current trend is likely to change.

The NYSE Bullish Percentage was the first breadth indicator developed by Investors Intelligence in 1955 and since then we have added indicators for the Nasdaq and S&P indices.

Breadth indicators were developed to determine the strength of a market trend by looking at the trends of its constituent stocks. They identify periods when the bulls are in the driving seat i.e. the best time to buy stocks, and have also proved to be a one of the best contrary indicators for calling intermediate market tops and bottoms.

The hotline also provides a great source of trading ideas.

Every day, we list all the stocks that have generated a new point & figure signal and feature one stock that looks interesting from a technical perspective.

“Hello, I am pleased to respond to your request about my view of your US stock service. I have been a happy subscriber to your service since the 1970’s. It is valuable to me as it helps me with my investment advisory business. Valuable parts to me are John Gray’s daily hot line, the availability of printing charts and technical information in “index breadth”. I chart the % of NYSE stocks in uptrends. I like your service “as is” and I have no recommendations for change. Best wishes for your continued success.” O.W., USA

Daily Market Statistics
As part of the US Stock Service, you will receive an email report delivered each evening after the market close which provides a good “first take” on the day’s activity. It lists index trend changes, new stock breakout signals (p&f analysis), most actively traded stocks and the current status of index and sector breadth indicators

Powerful web resources
Great online charts, market indicators and signals which select the stocks that require attention today. We cover NYSE, Nasdaq and ASE stocks.

Model Portfolios
Weekly portfolio reports for you to follow, with proven performance histories, covering a range of strategies.

In the end, profitable trading is a function of decision-making. The II Stock Service helps you make great decisions – and make them with speed and efficiency.

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