Compare Online Stock Brokers in America

Finding a new stock broker to trust with your business is an important decision.  We’ve put together a comparison table of brokers and their commissions for assets such as stocks, bonds, ETFs.  We also include if an online stock broker provides added value tools such as research, data, analysis and education.
Compare American online stock brokers below:

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What is important in choosing a new online stock broker?

There is more to deciding which online stock broker than just the commission rates.  You need to ensure that the company is financially stable and that there are no ongoing charges for using their services.  In most cases stock brokers will publish discounted rates for online stock trading, but you need to check that what the minimum amount of monthly deals is before that commission rate is applicable.

Can I access Investors Intelligence through online stock brokers in America?

At the moment you can only access Investors Intelligence in America through direct subscriptions.  If you are a resident outside of the USA you can open a trading account here.

Education, data, signals and analysis:

Many online stock brokers provide access to third party and independent research services.  This helps them add value to their customers and promote educated investment decisions.  Investors Intelligence provides daily signals, data and analysis on the large, mid and small cap stocks which can be traded through most online stock brokers in America.

Which is the best online stock broker in America?

Many online stock brokers are very similar so it is difficult to rank them in terms of best.  As opening an account with a stock broker is potentially the start of a long term relationship, it is really down to personal preference.  Needless to say that the core points of good brokers are; fair commission rates for good execution, low ongoing costs for value added services such as research and responsive customer service.

Discuss online stock brokers and the service they offer

Our investor discussion forum allows our users to discuss the pros and cons of trading and investing through online stock brokers.  If you have not already registered on the forum you can explore user opinion on the brokers you trust with your money here.

The major US online stock brokers reviewed and compared

When an execution or self direct broker is added to our stock broker comparison tables we also provide a full review of the services and provide links for users to discuss them in our forum.  You can read the reviews and give your thoughts by using the below links…

Once you are on the relevant review page you will also find links to read how one broker compares to the other.  These comparison links can be found at the bottom of the stock broker review page.