US Market Timing

This service does not just rely on the study of current market trends but provides a unique contrarian approach to the timing of market and sector exposure.

Designed for the intuitive investor: in today’s volatile stockmarket environment “buy & hold” is not always the best strategy. We aim to provide accurate market timing for investors wishing to balance their market exposure in accordance with market trends.

“This is an exceptional service and should be in every traders toolbox.  Thank you for the great service!” C.C., USA



We anticipate rather than follow trends: our analysis does not just rely on the study of current market trends. Many of our techniques are contrarian studies and therefore lead to early and timely signals of market trend change.

Daily research modules: the daily modular format allows us not only to report any significant market timing signals but to analyze the results of our disciplines in daily rotation, in a clear and logical manner.

Modules are as follows:

  • Buying/Selling Climaxes: large numbers of reversal signals across the market frequently provide an early indication of a change in trend for the market as a whole.
  • Industry Group Analysis: we analyse the trend breadth of the industry groups in the market, showing where investors should focus and how strong the underlying market is.
  • Advisors’ Sentiment Report: this survey has been widely adopted by the investment community as a contrary indicator and is followed closely by the financial media. Since its inception in 1963, our indicator has had a consistent record for predicting the major market turning points.
  • Industry Rotations: we look to identify sector rotations both on a short and medium term basis.
  • The Weekly Review: each week we draw together the findings from the research modules and suggest a market outlook for the week ahead and possibly the longer term.

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