FX Daily Hotline Service

Updated daily, we cover all the world’s major currencies, identifying key trends and trading opportunities.

The website is at the centre of the service, providing:

  • Extensive coverage of foreign exchange rates: majors, crosses and futures. View currency pairs grouped against majors such as the USD, the EUR, the GBP etc.
  • Versatile charting toolset: bar, line, candlestick and point & figure + indicators
  • Current p&f trend table with stops and targets levels
  • Automated daily scanners for P&F breakouts, Key Day Reversals and MA crossovers
  • Daily Analysis Tablewith analysts comment, and levels of support and resistance
  • Currency breadth indicators – unique to II – available for USD, EUR and GBP groups

Our analysis of Currencies is published online and by email in The FX Daily Hotline. It features:


  • Chart of the day – we identify the most interesting trading opportunities
  • Commentary on all major instruments to keep you up to date
  • New breakout signals where major short term movements are possible
  • Model Portfolio recommendations

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