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Investors_Intelligence_Pop_Up_Creative_v5Serious enough for financial news sources such as the FT, the Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Bloomberg, Reuters, FactSet, CNBC and to use our proprietary indicators and for Forbes to call us “The Most Reliable Indicator Of An Approaching Market Top”

Serious enough for our list of subscribers to include hedge fund managers, stock brokers, wealth managers and professional traders, including senior individuals from organizations such as J.P. Morgan, UBS, Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch.

These people subscribe because they are just like you – very knowledgeable about stocks and investments. They rely on us to help them make more informed, and better, investment decisions that outperform the averages and increase their net worth.

We employ fifteen full-time analysts who each day, with the help of sophisticated technological support, analyze over 10,000 stocks and financial instruments for the benefit of our subscribers. Our systems and software are proprietary and written and supported by a team of nine expert programmers and software designers accessing our servers in the UK and the USA.

Everything we do has just one aim – to provide you with the hard numbers and analysis you need to make profitable buying and selling decisions.

Now is the time to act, as for a limited period you can gain access to all our intelligence reports and daily trading ideas for a specially discounted price.

This ‘All Analysis Package’ costs just $1,890 for a year. This is a fantastic saving as each individual report, which you can buy separately, cost upwards of $335. If you bought every one over the course of a year it would cost you $6,299, so buying the All Analysis Package saves you $4409.

$1,890 is still a lot of money, of course. But you will benefit from some of the best, most rigorously researched financial intelligence in the world, which you can use to make far, far more back in return.

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We exist for one reason: To help arm you with the information and know-how to protect – and grow – your investments no matter what. We have been doing this since 1947, which gives us a huge breadth of experience and knowledge.

By signing up you will gain access to very valuable financial intelligence.

What sort of intelligence? How valuable is it? Please read on for an explanation of all the features you will gain access to:

The most well-known, and perhaps influential, of our reports is the US Advisors’ Sentiment Report. It has been in existence since 1963 and is widely used by the investment community as a contrarian indicator and closely followed by the financial media. The Report has a consistent record for predicting the major market turning points.

To put together each report we study over a hundred independent market newsletters and assess each author’s current stance on the market: bullish, bearish or correction. Since we have had just four editors since inception, there has been a consistent approach to determining each advisor’s stance and prior viewpoint. Weekly sentiment data runs consistently back to the 1960s, allowing current readings to be put into context against historic precedents.

I’ll leave it to the Investor’s Business Daily to explain why our weekly Sentiment Report is worth such close attention:

Since 1963, Investors Intelligence has shown that when the majority of gurus were bullish, the market was near a peak. And when the majority was bearish, the market was likely near a bottom. The reason is simple, but counterintuitive: When investors get overconfident, available money is in the market. Who’s left to invest? When the majority is bearish, vast sums are on the sidelines. A few investors who sense a bottom can start a stampede of bulls.

You can read similar articles explaining the value of our US Advisors’ Sentiment Report from Barrons, the NY Times, CNBC and the

You can also see an example of the Report here.

Our US Daily Market Timing Service does not just rely on the study of current market trends, but provides a unique contrarian approach to the timing of market and sector exposure.

Designed for the intuitive investor who knows that in today’s volatile stock market environment ‘buy and hold’ is not always the best strategy, this report provides you with accurate market timing to allow you to balance your market exposure in accordance with trends. We do this by anticipating rather than simply following trends, as the analysis does not just rely on the study of current market trends.

The daily modular format allows us not only to report any significant market timing signals, but to analyze the results of our disciplines in daily rotation in a clear and logical manner.

The modules are based on the following:

  • Buying/Selling Climaxes (see example): Large numbers of reversal signals across the market frequently provide an early indication of a change in trend for the market as a whole.
  • Industry Group Analysis: By studying the trend breadth in the underlying industry groups, we aim to report on likely sector rotation and provide a strong background reading of the strength of the current market trend, and its likely duration.
  • Advisors’ Sentiment Report: As explained above, this has been widely adopted by the investment community as a contrary indicator and is followed closely by the financial media.
  • Industry Rotations (see example): We identify sector rotations early on through the analysis of ratio charts.
  • The Weekly Review: Each week we draw together the findings from the research modules and suggest a market outlook for the week ahead and possibly in the longer term.

Our US Daily Stocks Service has seen us delivering the most incisive US stock market research for over twenty years, using a tried and tested combination of point & figure charting and market breadth analysis. Many of our indicators are now standard tools across the investment industry.

Here is what you get from this report:

The Daily Hotline (see example) is delivered each morning (before the open) and provides market timing, sector rotation and stock ideas. The hotline also provides a great source of trading ideas.

Every trading day, we provide an update on the current status of the main US indices. One of the benefits of point & figure charts is that signals are clear-cut: they are either bullish or bearish. We indicate current trends and identify areas of support and resistance i.e. where the current trend is likely to change.

The NYSE Bullish Percentage was the first breadth indicator developed by Investors Intelligence in 1955 and since then we have added indicators for the NASDAQ and S&P indices. These help you determine the strength of a market trend by looking at the trends of its constituent stocks. They identify periods when the bulls are in the driving seat i.e. the best time to buy stocks, and have proved to be one of the best contrary indicators for calling intermediate market tops and bottoms.

Every day, we list all the stocks that have generated a new point & figure signal and feature one stock that looks interesting from a technical perspective.

You will also receive the Daily Market Statistics report – emailed to you each evening after the market close – that provides a good ‘first take’ on the day’s activity. It lists index trend changes, new stock breakout signals (p&f analysis), most actively traded stocks and the current status of index and sector breadth indicators

What’s more, you will have access to powerful web resources, including charts, market indicators and signals, which select the stocks that require attention today. We cover NYSE, NASDAQ and ASE stocks. There is also a weekly portfolio report for you to follow, with proven performance histories, covering a range of strategies.

The Daily Coe Report features trading ideas from Tarquin Coe – our technical analyst and hedge fund advisor. Tarquin has a great track record in successfully advising financial institutions and hedge fund managers. He is regularly quoted in the press and recently contributed a chapter on technical trading and portfolio management for the book ‘Exchange Traded Funds & Index Funds’, published by the Financial Times.

The Coe Report is a concise advisory newsletter providing intra-day US trading ideas accompanied by analysis derived from a range of different technical disciplines. It starts with a near-term strategic forecast on the main indices, followed by stock and ETF trading ideas, presented clearly with annotated charts, targets and stops. Unlike many advisories and tip sheets, the report runs a long and short model portfolio. Tarquin always follows through on his recommendations, shepherding the successful positions, guarding unreleased gains with trailing stop losses. Unlike other providers, the portfolio trades are always announced ahead of the trade and not post-trade, making this probably one of the most transparent services on the market.

Tarquin produces serious results. To be specific, on a timing only basis, the Hulbert Financial Digest – a service provided by the Wall Street Journal’s Marketwatch – reported that The Coe Report returned 15.1% over the first six months of 2013 alone.

Will the Coe Report help you? Well, here’s what some of our existing subscribers have to say:

I have to tell you, Mr Coe, I like this report a lot. It’s simply constructed with only 2 pages, clean looking charts in various formats, and it’s in my opinion clearly written with analysis I find amongst the best I’ve ever read.

I really enjoy The Coe Report and find it very valuable in my investment process.

These intraday bulletins are great. Well written, concise and quite precise as to stop loss etc. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Keep up the good work.

Appreciate your critical analysis of the market, as well as your putting out some Trade ideas, and sharing your thinking with your readers. Your newsletter is a learning experience.

Tarquin’s recommendations will rapidly become a valuable tool in your investment decisions and, once you have followed Tarquin’s calls, you will never want to trade without them again. You can click here to see an example of the Coe Report.

All this valuable financial intelligence is available to you at the special rate of $1,890. That’s a rate that saves you nearly $4,410 compared to buying all our reports individually. This is a special offer price – representing a 60% discount on our normal rate of $6,299.

That special rate won’t last forever, so please don’t delay – don’t forget that you have fourteen days to evaluate the package and you can cancel (and get a full refund) at any time during that period. Sign up now by clicking the button below:

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Yet there is even more on offer as part of the All Analysis Package. I won’t go into too much detail, as I’m sure you’re already impressed, but here’s a brief look at what else is in store when you sign up:

  • ETF Global Opportunities Weekly Review (See Example) This invaluable review provides ETF trading opportunities and ideas – not just in equity indexes but also bonds, commodities, emerging markets and currencies.
  • UK Daily Hotline Stocks Service (See Example) This provides you with concise market reports and accurate analysis to aid in the timing of UK stock market investments.
  • European Weekly Review (See Example) This comprehensive study of the European market examines over 450 stocks, including all component stocks within the major European indices, using a mixture of trend and breadth analysis.
  • International Index Daily Hotline (See Example) Extensive coverage of global indices and index futures contracts.
  • Fixed Income Weekly Hotline (See Example) Coverage of the world’s major government bonds, fixed income and short-term interest rate instruments to identify key trends and long/short trading opportunities. .
  • FX Daily Hotline Service (See Example) In this exhaustive review, updated daily, we cover all the world’s major currencies, showing you the trends that matter and the opportunities you can’t afford to miss.
  • Commodities Daily Hotline (See Example) This looks at all the world’s major traded commodities, identifying key trends and trading opportunities.

There is a lot to take in, I know, but if you haven’t made your mind up yet please take a moment to read some of the examples we have provided. If you had that information at the right time, how valuable would it have been to you?

You now have the opportunity to get ahead of the game by signing up to the All Analysis Package.

At just $1,890 it’s a snip, but that price won’t last and will soon revert to $6,299.

And don’t forget, you can try it first – you have fourteen days after signing up to decide if the All Analysis Package is right for you. So if you don’t think it’s worth every cent, for any reason, or no reason at all, simply cancel your account within that fourteen days and you won’t owe us a thing. Once payment has been taken you can still cancel and get a full refund if you let us know within fourteen days.

You really do have nothing to lose.

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The Investors Intelligence team

P.S. We get many enquiries from potential investors, so we have put together a list of FAQs for you:

How do I get your research and trading ideas?
Pre-market and intra-day direct by email and also published in our members section of the website.

How long does it take to get set up?
Your account and trial will be verified and we will provide all access information through a personal email.

Can I see your historic trading ideas?
Yes, all trades are published in our portfolios online.

Who uses your research?
Private individuals, institutions and wealth managers have subscribed to our newsletters and trading recommendations since the 1950s.

What stocks are covered?
Our proprietary indicators and algorithms provide entry points, stops and limits for all stocks, sectors, commodities, indices and currencies through our own charting package. This is only accessible to members through the website.

Do you provide educational material so I can understand the research methodology?
Yes. In the members’ area there is a comprehensive section dedicated to the implementation of technical analysis.

Can I cancel?
Yes, any time within,  You will not be asked for payment until the trial ends.  For more info on cancellations see our terms of business.

P.P.S: Here is what just some of our subscribers have to say about our services:

Hello, I am pleased to respond to your request about my view of your US stock service. I have been a happy subscriber to your service since the 1970′s. It is valuable to me as it helps me with my investment advisory business. Valuable parts to me are John Gray’s daily hot line, the availability of printing charts and technical information in “index breadth”. I chart the % of NYSE stocks in uptrends. I like your service “as is” and I have no recommendations for change. Best wishes for your continued success. O.W., USA

In 23 years in this business, I have found your service (after acquiring the skill to read it) the single best indicator in the world. A.G.

This is an exceptional service and should be in every trader’s toolbox. Thank you for the great service! C.C., USA

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