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Secondly, you get access to our highly sophisticated charting package and daily analysis and trading ideas. This should give you enough time to realise that our reports, analysis and technical charting package is an essential part of any serious investor or traders tool kit.  We focus not just on intra-day trading ideas, but also on trend and sentiment so you can position your portfolio against dangerous market corrections and in favour of potentially profitable breakouts.

See examples and explanations of our reports by reading on below

Our Advisor’s Sentiment indicator has a recorded and documented history of highlighting when a market is about to correct by becoming become oversold or overbought.   During this week you’ll also gain access to our educational articles where you can expand you knowledge of how prices move in the market as well as learning how to effectively implement and take advantage of technical signals in the market.

This combined with the 70 plus reports you will receive and the hundreds of actionable trading ideas should ensure that your short, medium and long-term portfolios and outlook are positions properly.  You’ll also get access to our model portfolios, where you can see every open trade we recommend, as well as closed trades and the historical performance of our ideas.

Investors Intelligence is a source of independent analysis on the financial markets. Our primary focus is that of technical analysis, this being the study of price action. Utilising our in-house systems, charts and tools, our analysts review the markets on a regular basis, seeking to identify trading and investment opportunities at the level of index, sector, pair and individual instruments.

Our analysis of US stocks and market trends is conducted through our US offices of Chartcraft Inc founded in 1947 by the legendary A W Cohen. Our US operation has been at the forefront of developing analytical tools now in common use – the NYSE Bullish percentage; the Advisory Sentiment Index; the Broad Industry Group Bullish percentages; and the Industry Group Insider Analysis. Co-editors are John Gray & Tarquin Coe

A variety of disciplines are utilised including:

  • Identification of trends through automated and/or visual review of price charts
  • Identification of relative performance through automated and/or visual review of relative ratio charts
  • Automated scanners, identifying various technical signals including P&F breakouts, Key Day Reversals, MA crossovers and Buy/Sell Climaxes
  • Volume and momentum indicators
  • Breadth analysis of indices, groups of stocks and other financial instruments
  • Our proprietary Advisors Sentiment survey

Please note that techniques may vary across the range of financial markets, depending on the suitability or viability of each technique to the relevant market.

Buy & Sell Recommendations delivered by email…

Investors Intelligence analysts will make both “Buy” and “Sell” recommendations in their reports. These are based on our technical analysis methodology and identify areas where we believe that there is a good probability of a successful trade or investment. Please note that “Sell” recommendations can refer to both disposals and short-side trades and each report should be examined to determine the nature of the recommendation.

The time period of recommendations is variable and can be dictated by the markets. Where possible, our analysts will provide technically derived stop levels and targets. Recommendations are provided as a guide and should not viewed as personal investment advice. If you have any doubts as to the suitability of II’s research for you, you should contact a suitably qualified investment advisor.

Since pioneering the use of point & figure charting in the 1950s, many of our analytical tools have become industry standards such as the NYSE Bullish % and the Advisors Sentiment Survey. We now produce technical analysis based advisories for the majority of international financial markets. Our services are subscribed to by investors, traders and financial professionals around the world.

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Watch the video and read on below for more information

Advisors Sentiment Report (See Example)

Signals when you need them – near important market tops and bottoms

Subscribe hereThis survey has been widely adopted by the investment community as a contrarian indicator and is followed closely by the financial media. Since its inception in 1963, our indicator has a consistent record for predicting the major market turning points.

Surveying a broad assembly of respected views
We study over a hundred independent market newsletters and assess each author’s current stance on the market: bullish, bearish or correction. Since we have had just four editors since inception, there has been a consistent approach to determining each advisors stance and his prior viewpoint.

“In 23 years in this business, I have found your service (after acquiring the skill to read it) the single best indicator in the world.”    A.G.  (Subscriber)

Four decades of data to set our precedent

Our weekly sentiment data runs consistently back to the 1960’s. Current readings are put into context against historic precedents.

When the survey was developed by our founder, AW Cohen, he originally expected that the best time to be long the market was when most advisors were bullish. This proved to be far from the case – a majority of advisors and commentators were almost always wrong at market turning points. Quite simply, professional advisors are just as susceptible to market emotions as individual investors – they become far too greedy at the top of trends and far too fearful near the bottom.

A contrary indicator…but only at extremes
We don’t necessarily take a contrarian view to the newsletter writers in our survey. A large part of the time our sentiment readings remain neutral. We consider the norm to be 45% bulls, 35% bears and 20% neutral. However, we do pay attention to extreme readings in both bulls and bears and also to historically significant runs of more bulls than bears. To summarize, advisors are only wrong when you get too many of them start thinking the same thing.

Example, back in October 2002, there were many more bearish than bullish advisors – historically this has always been a good time to start thinking about buying the market.

Further examples of these articles can be found on BarronsNY Times, and Investor’s Business Daily and the Read what CNBC said about the biggest switch in sentiment for 7 years here.

Here’s what Alan Abelson, writing in Barrons in early 2011 has to say about it:“…………….while it helps, we suppose, to be able to tell the difference between a balance sheet and an income statement and know what P/E stands for, nothing in the investment armamentarium beats an educated grasp of crowd psychology. Granted, getting a handle on investor sentiment is not an automatic guarantee of making a killing on the Street. It’s a contrarian indicator that has been around for a spell, and like a lot of venerable technical tools is a bit the worse for the wear. It’s grounded in the logical assumption that when everyone’s bullish, it implies that a lot of buying power has already been used up and, of course, when everyone’s bearish, the opposite holds. If not infallible (what is, as we’ve noted before, besides the pope and financial journalists?), it provides investors with a highly reliable litmus test when the market reaches extremes of optimism or pessimism. And, right now, bullishness is dangerously rampant.For confirmation, just take a gander at that simple chart that enlivens this grim page, the handiwork of Investors Intelligence, which weekly tracks the view of those earnest souls, investment advisors, who tell you when, and often what, to buy and sell. It depicts the difference between the number of advisors who are upbeat and who are downbeat. That awesome spread in favor of the bulls works out to 41.6%, the most lopsided since the October 2007 all-time market peak, when the comparable gap was 42.4% and set the stage for the beginnings and forgive us for stirring painful memories of the worst equity disasters of the past half century.”

Advisors Sentiment subscribers can view the charts of this indicator going back ten years. Our analysts also highlight re-occurrence of various historic levels as and when they occur.

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For hedge funds, “black-box” traders and quants we also offer the entire historical data set, from its start in 1963, for back-testing and modelling for proprietary systems. The data available for a separate fee from the website subscription. It is available for purchase for US$1495. The data is emailed in Excel format upon payment by Visa/Mastercard/AMEX credit card, or receipt of a check or money order. Credit card payments greatly speeds the transaction, and be sure they are payable in US funds.

US Daily Market Timing Service

This service does not just rely on the study of current market trends but provides a unique contrarian approach to the timing of market and sector exposure.

Designed for the intuitive investor: in today’s volatile stock market environment “buy & hold” is not always the best strategy. We aim to provide accurate market timing for investors wishing to balance their market exposure in accordance with market trends.

“This is an exceptional service and should be in every traders toolbox.  Thank you for the great service!” C.C., USA

We anticipate rather than follow trends: our analysis does not just rely on the study of current market trends. Many of our techniques are contrarian studies and therefore lead to early and timely signals of market trend change.

Daily research modules: the daily modular format allows us not only to report any significant market timing signals but to analyze the results of our disciplines in daily rotation, in a clear and logical manner.

Modules are as follows:

  • Buying/Selling Climaxes (See Example): large numbers of reversal signals across the market frequently provide an early indication of a change in trend for the market as a whole.
  • Industry Group Analysis: by studying the trend breadth in the underlying industry groups, we aim to report on likely sector rotation and provide a strong background reading of the strength of the current market trend, and its likely duration.
  • Advisors’ Sentiment Report: this survey has been widely adopted by the investment community as a contrary indicator and is followed closely by the financial media. Since its inception in 1963, our indicator has had a consistent record for predicting the major market turning points.
  • Industry Rotations (See Example): we identify sector rotations early on; through the analysis of ratio charts.
  • The Weekly Review: each week we draw together the findings from the research modules and suggest a market outlook for the week ahead and possibly the longer term.

US Daily Stocks Service (See Example)

US Stocks Service

We have been delivering our stock market research for over 20 years using a tried & tested mix of point & figure charting and market breadth analysis: many of our indicators are now standard tools across the investment industry.

The Daily Hotline (See Example)
The Hotline is delivered each morning (before the open) and provides market timing, sector rotation and stock ideas.

Every trading day, we provide an update on the current status of the main US indices. One of the benefits of point & figure charts is that signals are clear cut: they are either bullish or bearish. We indicate current trends and identify areas of support and resistance i.e. where the current trend is likely to change.

The NYSE Bullish Percentage was the first breadth indicator developed by Investors Intelligence in 1955 and since then we have added indicators for the Nasdaq and S&P indices.

Breadth indicators were developed to determine the strength of a market trend by looking at the trends of its constituent stocks. They identify periods when the bulls are in the driving seat i.e. the best time to buy stocks, and have also proved to be a one of the best contrary indicators for calling intermediate market tops and bottoms.

The hotline also provides a great source of trading ideas.

Every day, we list all the stocks that have generated a new point & figure signal and feature one stock that looks interesting from a technical perspective.

“Hello, I am pleased to respond to your request about my view of your US stock service. I have been a happy subscriber to your service since the 1970′s. It is valuable to me as it helps me with my investment advisory business. Valuable parts to me are John Gray’s daily hot line, the availability of printing charts and technical information in “index breadth”. I chart the % of NYSE stocks in uptrends. I like your service “as is” and I have no recommendations for change. Best wishes for your continued success.” O.W., USA

Daily Market Statistics
As part of the US Stock Service, you will receive an email report delivered each evening after the market close which provides a good “first take” on the day’s activity. It lists index trend changes, new stock breakout signals (p&f analysis), most actively traded stocks and the current status of index and sector breadth indicators

Powerful web resources
Great online charts, market indicators and signals which select the stocks that require attention today. We cover NYSE, Nasdaq and ASE stocks.

Model Portfolios
Weekly portfolio reports for you to follow, with proven performance histories, covering a range of strategies.

In the end, profitable trading is a function of decision-making. The II Stock Service helps you make great decisions – and make them with speed and efficiency.

The Daily Coe Report (See Example)

Intraday report with trading ideas from technical analyst and hedge fund advisor, Tarquin Coe.

On a timing only basis, the Hulbert Financial Digest, a service provided by the Wallstreet Journal’s Marketwatch, reported that The Coe Report returned 15.1% over the first six months of 2013.

Tarquin has built up a great track record advising financial institutions and hedge fund managers. He is regularly quoted in the press and recently he contributed a chapter on technical trading and portfolio management for the book “Exchange Traded Funds & Index Funds”, published by the Financial Times.

The Coe Report is a concise advisory newsletter providing intra-day US trading ideas accompanied by analysis derived from a range of different technical disciplines. It starts with a near-term strategic forecast on the main indices, followed by stock and ETF trading ideas, presented clearly with annotated charts, targets and stops. Unlike many advisories and “tip sheets”, the report runs a long and short model portfolio. Tarquin always follows through on his recommendations, shepherding the successful positions, guarding unreleased gains with trailing stop losses. Unlike other providers, the portfolio trades are always announced ahead of the trade and NOT post trade, making this probably one of the most transparent services on the market.

Here is just some of the feedback from our subscriber base:

“Nice calls Mr Coe”

“I have to tell you, Mr Coe, I like this report a lot. It’s simply constructed with only 2 pages, clean looking charts in various formats, and it’s in my opinion clearly written with analysis I find amongst the best I’ve ever read”

“I really enjoy The Coe Report and find it very valuable in my investment process”

“I would have to rate your service as very good. The performance has been outstanding as far as your recommendations”

“These intraday bulletins are great. Well written, concise and quite precise as to stop loss etc.Thank you, thank you, thank you. Keep up the good work.”

“Your intraday bulletin is well-reasoned and well-written. The volume of content is just right.”

“Love the intraday review. Keep it up – it’s a big help.”

“Appreciate your critical analysis of the market, as well as your putting out some Trade ideas, and sharing your thinking with your readers.  Your newsletter is a learning experience.”

Register NowWe are confident that once you have followed Tarquin’s calls, you will never want to trade without it again. So subscribe today for this valuable trading plan. Do not hesitate – there will be new trades this week. The Coe Report will be dispatched to your Inbox three times each week (plus occasional special bulletins to analyze extraordinary intraday market action). I am sure that Tarquin’s recommendations will rapidly become a valuable tool in your investment decisions.

ETF Global Opportunities Weekly Review (See Example)

If you want ETF trading opportunities and ideas, not just in equity indexes but also bonds, commodities, emerging markets and currencies, you have come to the right place…
  • Commentary: each week we evaluate actively traded ETFs covering all major asset classes (stock indices, sectors, international markets, bonds, REITS and gold).
  • Model Portfolio Recommendations: we aim to demonstrate the practical application of the technical signals produced by our research. Exposure to the various asset classes within our model portfolio will be relatively flexible in order to illustrate the investment areas that we feel offer most potential.
  • Charts: the weekly email includes charts for our universe of actively traded ETFs, using a disciplined format covering price & relative trends and breadth of trends in the underlying index (if available).
  • Online access: as a subscriber, you will have access to the daily updated ETF charts on the website. Our charting engine allows you to apply technical studies including point & figure, candlestick, moving averages and momentum. You can save your fund selections in watch lists. You will be able to view the current ETF Review and archived copies.
  • Please read more about our methodology here.
  • The ETF Review is published on a weekly basis.

UK Daily Hotline Stocks Service (See Example)

We aim to provide you with concise market reports and accurate analysis to aid in the timing of UK stockmarket investments.

Powerful web resources
Great online charts, market indicators and computerised signals which select the stocks that require attention today. We currently cover all component stocks in the FT All Share index and the FTSE Fledgling index. The system gives the ability to “click through” stocks groups by index or sector order. Alternatively, groups of stocks can be quickly ordered by many variables such as performance  or “technical score”.

Daily Market Statistics
This email report (also published on site) is delivered each evening after the market close and provides a good “first take” on the day’s activity and includes:

  • Index trend changes
  • New stock signals – P&F breakouts, new highs/lows, relative highs/lows, KDRs and more
  • Most actively traded stocks
  • Changes in index and sector breadth indicators

The Daily Hotline
The Hotline is delivered each morning and provides disciplined analysis of market action, breadth indicators and stocks. We provide an ongoing commentary on the trends of major market and sector indices, focussing on both market timing and sector rotation. Subscribers also have access to our model portfolio – technically driven selections of long and short trades.

Chart of the Day
We focus on a particular stock in more detail and discuss its technical characteristics, important levels and the outlook. Both long and short-sides trades are identified

European Weekly Review (See Example)

Stock Coverage: over 450 stocks including all component stocks within the major European indices.

Daily Market Statistics: delivered after the market close providing a good “first take” on the day’s activity.

Weekly Review: Our analysis puts the last week’s market action in context, using a mixture of trend and breadth analysis.

We also review the stocks that have generated breakout signals that week and suggest those of particular interest.

We cover the world’s major stock indices on a daily basis identifying major regional trends and identifying potential trading opportunities. The Web site is at the centre of the service, providing:

International Index Daily Hotline (See Example)

  • Extensive coverage of global indices and index futures contracts.
  • State-of-the-art charting toolset: bar, line, candlestick and point & figure + indicators.
  • Current p&f trend table with the p&f stop level which would indicate a change in trend.
  • Daily Analysis Table with analysts comment, and levels of support and resistance.

Our analysis of International Equity Indices is published online and in email in The International Equity Indices Daily Hotline. It features:

  • Chart of the day – we identify the most interesting trading opportunities
  • Commentary on all major instruments to keep you up to date
  • New breakout signals where major short term movements are possible
  • Model Portfolio recommendations

Fixed Income Weekly Hotline (See Example)

We cover the world’s major government bonds, fixed income and short term interest rate instruments identifying key trends and long/short trading opportunities.  Subscribers benefit from weekly analysis of Fixed Income instruments, published by email and online in The Fixed Income Weekly Hotline. It features:

  • Chart of the day – we identify the most interesting trading opportunities
  • Commentary on all major instruments (benchmarks government bonds and contracts, STIRS and selected swaps), keeping you up to date on what’s moving
  • New technical signals indicating where major short term movements are possible
  • Model Portfolio recommendations

In addition to the weekly email report, the web site is at the centre of the service, providing:

  • Extensive coverage of global instruments (spot, active month and continuation).
  • Long-term yield charts of genric government and other bonds plus spreads of key rates
  • State-of-the-art charting toolset: bar, line, candlestick and point & figure + indicators.
  • P&f trend table with the p&f stop level etc.
  • Automated signal scanners
  • Daily Analysis Table with analysts comment, and levels of support and resistance.

Commodities Daily Hotline (See Example)

We cover all the world’s major traded commodities, identifying key trends and trading opportunities.

The website is at the centre of the service, providing:

  • Extensive coverage of global instruments from the CBOT, NMEX, LME,  LIFFE and other exchanges (active month and continuation).
  • State-of-the-art charting toolset: bar, line, candlestick and point & figure + indicators.
  • Current p&f trends, stops and targets.
  • Daily Analysis Table with analysts comment, and levels of support and resistance.

Our analysis of Commodities includes daily email updates featuring:

  • Chart of the day – we identify the most interesting trading opportunities
  • Commentary on all major instruments to keep you up to date
  • New breakout signals where major short term movements are possible
  • Automated signal scanners: P&F breakout, Key Day Reversals and MA crossovers
  • Model Portfolio recommendations

FX Daily Hotline Service (See Example)

Updated daily, we cover all the world’s major currencies, identifying key trends and trading opportunities.

The website is at the centre of the service, providing:

  • Extensive coverage of foreign exchange rates: majors, crosses and futures. View currency pairs grouped against majors such as the USD, the EUR, the GBP etc.
  • Versatile charting toolset: bar, line, candlestick and point & figure + indicators
  • Current p&f trend table with stops and targets levels
  • Automated daily scanners for P&F breakouts, Key Day Reversals and MA crossovers
  • Daily Analysis Tablewith analysts comment, and levels of support and resistance
  • Currency breadth indicators – unique to II – available for USD, EUR and GBP groups

Our analysis of Currencies is published online and by email in The FX Daily Hotline. It features:

Chart of the day – we identify the most interesting trading opportunities

  • Commentary on all major instruments to keep you up to date
  • New breakout signals where major short term movements are possible
  • Model Portfolio recommendations

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get your research and trading ideas?

Pre-market and intra-day direct by email and also published in our members section of the website.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like the service

Yes, you can request a full no questions asked refund if you contact us to cancel with in 14 days of making payment. For more info on cancellations see our terms of business..

How long does it take to get set up?

Access is grated instantly as soon as you register and pay online.

Can I see your historic trading ideas?

Yes, all trades are published in our portfolios online.

Who uses your research?

Private individuals, institutions and wealth managers have subscribed to our newsletters and trading recommendations since the 1950s.

How much does it cost?

You can save over 70% by subscribing to our all analysis package.  This is worth over $6,000 based on the individual prices of the reports.  This discounted rate is $1,890 per year.

What stocks are covered?

Our proprietary indicators and algorithms provide entry points, stops and limits for all stocks, sectors, commodities, indices and currencies through our own charting package.  This is only accessible to members through the website.

Do you provide educational material so I can understand the research methodology?

Yes.  In the members area there is a comprehensive section dedicated to the implementation of technical analysis.

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